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  Getting Started with the Adomik Platform 
In the following documentation, learn how to leverage your data and grow your programmatic business with the Adomik Data Engine, Data Export and 5 ready-to-use Apps.  

    Regardless of your level of expertise with the Adomik Platform, you can discover tools, tips and use cases to achieve smarter advertising analytics and turn insights into revenue. 

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      • How to use the Adomik Knowlegde Base?

        What is the Knowledge Base?  The Knowledge Base is a web-based content repository, accessible via login, where you can learn everything you’d ever need to know about Adomik apps and product releases, as well as gain training via article and video ...
      • Glossary: Discover the Adomik World

        This glossary will explain all the terms describing Adomik’s world that you may encounter throughout the knowledge base. You are also invited to visit the metrics and dimensions glossary, which will help you decipher the data included in each report. ...
      • Glossary: Deciphering Adomik metrics & dimensions

        This glossary explains all the metrics and dimensions you may find throughout the Adomik app suite. You can explore the terms defining the Adomik world in this article. Many of the dimensions and metrics are built and harmonized thanks to the Adomik ...